Manusia Sebagai Makhluk Pendidikan: Implikasinya terhadap Ilmu dan Praktik Pendidikan


  • Edi Riyadi Universitas Al-Ikhya Kuningan


human nature, educational creatures, humane


This paper intends to discuss the nature of human beings as educational creatures: their implications for the science and practice of education with a philosophical approach. It is analyzed through qualitative descriptive and literature studies. The collecting data is conducted by taking the necessary data from the relevant literature. The results of the study show that: to realize human values ??in the complexity of life and in the world of education in particular, it is absolutely necessary the clarity and even certainty of understanding humans as human beings. Understanding and treatment of humans is very necessary through a philosophical understanding of human dignity. At the level of praxis, educational people can apply this philosophical view in organizing educational and learning activities. It is recommended for education practitioners to increasingly realize that students as humans must be seen as unique creatures as well as special, and must be treated humanely as well.