Manusia Sebagai Subjek dalam Pendidikan Kebinekaan


  • A. Rusdiana Postgraduate Islamic Education Management Study Program UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung


awareness, diversity, dialogue, harmonization, life


This paper would like to discuss the issue of "Humans as Subjects in Diversity Education" examined through literature review, using a qualitative descriptive approach. The presentation is on the phenomena in the form of words or sentences and not in numbers. The phenomena of exposure material are information - a written description that indicates the concept that in the educational process human status is the subject. Data is collected and analyzed entirely from literature and documentation material, writing in journals, and other relevant media that are still worthy of review. The results of the study show that: Diversity is a reality of nationality in Indonesia. Living harmoniously in diversity, various kinds must be manifested in the daily life of the community to be superior without losing the exclusiveness of diversity. Its Awareness and ability will be strongly embedded when each party positions itself as a subject. The best people from various types will create harmony of life. It needs to be instilled in every soul of the Indonesian people with the concept of diversity education. The recommended form of education in the concept of placing humans as subjects is dialogue