Relavansi Pemikiran Al-Ghazali Terhadap Pendidikan Karakter Era Global


  • E. Kosasih STAI Syekh Mansur Pandeglang


study, perfection of the soul, the formation of morality


This study aims to identify the relevance of Al-Ghazali's Thought to Character Education in the Globalization Era. Inspected through the study of literature, all data collected and analyzed comes from literature and other documentation material, such as writing in journals, and other relevant media, through primary and secondary data. The results of his study show that: education is very important for every human being, and must be studied even if the human is still being baby until he dies. The education process is a process of human creation that always draws close to God with the results of creating humans who get happiness in the world and the hereafter later. Relevant to Al-Ghojali's view, the ultimate goal of education is that humans can draw closer to God as the creator and make people who seek knowledge obtain world and hereafter happiness. The purpose of students in learning all science at the present time is the perfection and virtue of their souls.