Pemikiran Al-Ghazali Tentang Konsep Uang dan Kontribusinya dalam Sistem Ekonomi Islam


  • Asep Arifin Fakultas Syari’ah dan Hukum


Money, Allah's favor, mediation tools, necessities of life


Al-Ghazali is known as a multidimensional and intellectual figure with mastery of multidisciplinary science. Almost all aspects of religion were studied in depth, including the issue of money. His activities with science continued to never fade until he died. In the realm of Islamic science, it was a proof of recognition of scientific capacity and the level of acceptance of the scholars towards him. The results of a study of al-Ghazali's thinking about the concept of money show that: Money is an item that is used by the community as a medium of exchange to obtain various needs of life, and objects (money) are considered to have no value as goods ( intrinsic value ). Money is likened to a mirror that does not have its own color but is able to reflect other colors; The types of currencies made of gold and silver are dinars and dirhams, which are the best materials for making currencies; The functions of money include: qiwamu ad-dunya (one count), a mutawasit judge (measuring the value of goods) and as al-mu'awidah (a medium of exchange)