Paradigma Manajemen Pendidikan Islam: Antara Idealita dan Realita


  • Cece Cece STAI Al-Muhajirin Purwakarta


resignation, trustworthiness, exemplary and transparency


This research, aims to discuss about; Islamic Education Management Paradigm: Between Ideality and Reality, through literature studies. Literature Study is a research conducted by researchers by collecting a number of books, magazines related to the problem and research objectives. The results showed that: Concepts of Planning for, contained in it the nature of resignation as a reflection of the strength is based on the belief in God; division of job creates the leaders and members in their authority and model affect members to volunteer and together achieve the objectives. The mandate given to people who are eligible are people who have intellectual competence and managerial organization. Exemplary leader or manager in team relationships is one driving them to work in any job. Islamic values ??teach that basically about the highest assertion of human actions and efforts both individually and organizationally are Allah.