Strategi Lembaga Pendidikan Tinggi Islam dalam Membangun Branding Image


  • Maman Sutarman STAI Muhammadiyah Cikelet-Garut


awareness, identity, association, loyalty and feelings


This paper would like to discuss the issue of "Initiating the management strategy of Higher Education Institutions in improving the quality of Islamic human resources". The study is through library research (library study). The data collected and analyzed entirely are from literature and other documentation, such as writing in journals, as well as other relevant media that are still worthy of review. The results of the study show that: Islamic Higher Education Institutions are expected to produce Islamic human resources, who are loyal and dedicated to have scientific and technological insights. To achieve this expectation, Islamic educational institutions must revitalize their roles in order to play their optimal role in realizing academic excellence for education, for industry relevance, knowledge contribution, and for empowerment. Recognizing the importance of the process of improving, the quality of human resources, the government, managers of educational institutions, educators and students strive to achieve goals, vision and mission through the initiation of curriculum development strategies and evaluation systems, improvement of facilities, development and procurement of teaching materials, education and training for educators and education personnel.