Telaah Atas Peranan Studi Pustaka dalam Penelitian dan Penulisan Karya Ilmiah


  • Iman Supratman STAI AT-Taqwa Gegerkalong Bandung


Literature study, contribution, scientific quality, meaning


This article aims to discuss about the phenomena that exist among lecturers and students, including the results of research reports and writing scientific papers from the literature that seem to be less strong, consequently writing is not stable, although the possibility of having a fairly high contribution. Assessed through literary studies, this is library research. The data collected and analyzed entirely are from literature and other documentation material, such as writing in journals, as well as other relevant and still appropriate media. The results of the study show that: Literature studies play a very important role and have a high contribution to the quality of writing. Writing a proper literature study will provide fluency in the process of research and writing scientific papers; it suggests a good literature study, the error factor can be eliminated as small as possible, and the usefulness of the research will be maximized; Writing a literature study that is not good and incomplete will make the reported results of the writing will be felt to be less meaningful and less able to reflect the scientific factors.