Pengintegrasian Nilai-Nilai Kewirausahaan Pendidikan Multikultural


  • Nuni Oktaviani STAI Dharma Kesuama Segeran Indramayu


Pray, Attitude, Knowledge, Skills, Actions


This article aims to discuss about the integration of values of entrepreneurship in education. It is assessed through the study of literature, by using qualitative methods and descriptive explanations through the study of literature.   Data collected and analyzed entirely are from the literary documentation, writing in journals, other relevant and still appropriate media. The results of the study show that the next form of integrating entrepreneurial values ??is by giving someone freedom for self-actualization, which in turn will create creative and innovative ideas that are based on the pillars of entrepreneurial success, namely rather than Praying, Attitudes, Insights, Skills, and Action. The integration of entrepreneurial values ??in facing external challenges will develop more rapidly, namely the use of Information Technology, which has an impact on learning in schools.