Manajemen Pengembangan Kompetensi Guru untuk Implementasi Kurikulum 2013


  • Jaja Jahari Prodi Manajemen Pendidikan Islam Pascasarjana UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung


management, human resource development, curriculum implementation 2013


This study aims to describe the management of teacher development for the implementation of the 2013 curriculum in the model state madrasah aliyah in West Java. This study is a qualitative research with case study method. The study was conducted at MAN 1 Bandung and MAN Babakan Ciwaringin Cirebon. Data collection techniques were: observation, document tracking, and interviews. The results showed that : Planning for reviewing the regulations was made by the minister of national education about Curriculum 2013; the organization was carried out legitimately by the head of madrasah by forming a team ; the implementation was in the form of workshops, there were training and development, education and training, In-House Training , MGMPs, as well as further studies; the management was supervised by the head of madrasah. The factors of supporting the development of teacher competence were the presence of teacher who became a national instructor implementation of Curriculum 2013. The teacher had high motivation to follow the curriculum development program; Madrasah provided a budget for implementing development programs. The inhibiting factors were the program participants did not get a salary; there was a technical barrier, such as damaged projector; the planning for execution time was not to disturb the learning activities in madrassas.